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Message from Barry

A few weeks ago I posted a very “busy” blog aimed at keeping visitors and callers to Dial House in touch with recent developments. It’s been a strange year as we all know, and I’ve personally been very anxious about delivering the best service we could, despite COVID-19 restrictions. That anxiety came out in my post, and in my rush to communicate things it became more about my worries of what could happen. I am sincerely sorry for the distress my blog caused. The comments about burnout were never meant to be about visitors to Dial House, but about the challenges that myself and the team have been facing and my fears about what could happen. I should have worked more on my personal awareness around the challenges we’ve been facing as an organisation and on reflection I should not have posted that blog.

I would be happy to talk to anyone who was concerned or unhappy about what I wrote or my own beliefs and philosophy. The reason I’ve stayed at LSLCS all these years is because I love the survivor leadership ethos. I am also a human and make mistakes; whilst you won’t necessarily know this about me if you don’t know me personally, my aim, albeit ham-fisted at times, is always with the wellbeing of others in mind. Please do contact me if are left with any questions and we can talk or have a Zoom call.