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An apology

Regarding the recent blog post about the Dial House news, Acting CEO Richard barber has issued the following apology on behalf of the organisation.


We recently put up a blog post about how our Dial House service is operating during the current coronavirus pandemic. This wasn’t checked in our usual way and contained quite a few things that are not representative of our ethos and ways of working. The manager who wrote the blog has been very reflective and will be offering his own apology shortly. However, we first wanted to apologise as an organisation, which I offer humbly and wholeheartedly here as Acting CEO on behalf of LSLCS. We want to reaffirm our organisation’s and our staff’s commitment to LSLCS’s high standards, working flexibly and compassionately with anyone who contacts us seeking support in a crisis.

We’re already aware of several people who’ve been understandably affected by the blog and are responding individually to them. We’d like to thank everyone who shared their concerns with us – I know that isn’t necessarily easy to do, especially if you’re already dealing with difficult feelings and circumstances. If you’ve been affected by it or want to clarify anything about how we work, please contact me directly on (all complaints about this will be automatically upheld, as we recognise our failing and the impact it has had).


Thank you,

Richard, Acting CEO