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Hello and welcome to the Leeds Survivor-Led Crisis Service blog.

We are a mental health charity based in Leeds and we provide out of hours support to people in acute mental health crisis, to prevent people going into psychiatric hospital, A&E and statutory services. We were founded in 1999 by a group of campaigning mental health service users, who wanted there to be a non-medical, non-diagnostic approach to people in crisis, that was outside of a clinical environment. We work from Dial House – a lovely 18th century house in East Leeds and provide compassionate, person centred support. All of us who work here have had our own experiences of mental health problems. I’ve personally been here over ten years, but many of the staff have been here even longer. We all stay because working with people in crisis is such a privilege – it can be a hugely significant time in people’s lives and people are very real when in crisis. I am truly proud to lead the organisation and an inspiring, passionate team.

I hope you will enjoy reading about our work.

Fiona Venner | Director