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Safe Zone referral form for professionals

Safe Zone professionals referral

Safe Zone offer 11-17 year-olds living in Leeds support via face-to-face appointments, or over Zoom or phone. We do not book in appointments unless it is on the night of need. We also can provide a free taxi to and from the Safe Zone locations.

Please discuss this referral with the young person and/or parent or carer. If the young person is under 13, consent from a parent or carer will be required before we are able to support them. Please tick the appropriate box to confirm you have consent to pass on the information.

Any professional referrals made will be contacted on the next working shift: from 5pm on a Monday, Thursday or Sunday Evening.

We also aim to confirm receipt of referral with yourself within a 2-3 day time frame.

Should the young person or parent/carer want further information about the service, additional information can be sent out and we can organise for a getting to know us visit at the Dial House location should this feel helpful in reducing anxiety around accessing support prior to a support session being requested.

Professional's details

Consent (required)
Confirm consent obtained for referral from young personConfirm consent obtained for referral from parent/carer (if accessing support for themselves)

Details of Person Being Referred

Should you need to discuss the referral further please email with your contact details and Lizzy, Safe Zone Senior, will get back in touch as soon as they can.