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New partnership offers help to abuse survivors

Organisations across Leeds have formed a new partnership to help adult survivors of child sexual abuse.

Public awareness of child sexual abuse and the impact it has on the lives of victims, their families and communities has increased in recent years. The new Leeds Visible partnership aims to help employers and service providers to take action.

Chaired by Leeds City Council working with health organisations, charities and the Police and Crime Commissioner, the partnership brings together a wide range of organisations, to help adults abused as children.

Survivors of child abuse have been involved in developing the partnership and in producing advice and guidance for organisations wanting to make service improvements and provide support to survivors. The aim is for frontline workers to be more confident and competent to meet the needs of people sexually abused as children and for service providers to have the knowledge, workforce and resources to meet their needs.

Councillor Rebecca Charlwood, Chair of Leeds Health and Wellbeing Board, said:

“We know child sexual abuse is terrible for anyone to experience and can have a lifelong impact. I’m proud Leeds City Council is at the heart of this partnership which is providing such important proactive support for organisations, helping them recognise the experiences and needs of adults who have survived abuse and take actions to help.

“By working closely with people who have survived abuse, with specialists and with people in organisations delivering a broad range of front line services to the public, Visible can make an important difference to lives across the city in the future.”

Police and Crime Commissioner for West Yorkshire, Mark Burns-Williamson OBE, said:

“The impact of child sexual abuse is devastating on individuals, families and communities and we know the effect on survivors is long lasting which can invade every aspect of a person’s life.

“Therefore I really welcome the work of the Leeds Visible project and would encourage all organisations to adopt its policy statement and look to recognise and respond to survivors to help improve their wellbeing and lives.

“We must do all we can to prevent such abuses taking place but, where they have, collectively we must do all we can to support those victims and survivors, wherever they are on the journey of recovery.”

Tessa Denham, CEO Women’s Counselling and Therapy Service, host agency of Visible said:

“Visible is a powerful catalyst to inspire city leaders to take action together to make a difference to survivors whose needs have not been recognised, often for decades since they were children. Signing up and adopting the Policy Statement is the first step to ensure the solutions includes everyone.”

Leeds practitioners said they needed information and training to help them respond effectively to survivors of child sexual abuse.

Visible is about providing organisations with the framework, support and resources to do this; it can be easily accessed online to allow them to sign up to the policy statement and download the action plan. Visit