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LSLCS needs new Expert Advisors

Are you a current user of any LSLCS services? 

Could you attend our bi-monthly board meetings for 2hrs on a Monday afternoon for 12 months?

The Board of Trustees of Leeds Survivor Led Crisis is looking for 2 Visitors or Callers who would be prepared to attend Board meetings for 12 months, to act as an expert advisor, as someone who currently uses our services.

The Board of Trustees have overall responsibility for the organisation. They lead the organisation and are responsible for finances and the organisation’s future priorities.

They meet every two months, 2-4pm on a Monday. They are all volunteers, so visitors would not be paid for attending meetings, but will be given expenses.

You will be supported to attend the meetings, by a Board member who will meet you before meetings to go through the papers with you and help you prepare.

If you are interested in being one of the two expert advisors, please answer the following 2 questions and give your form to a member of staff by 31st March 2018.

Fiona Venner, the Chief Executive, will take your name and address off the form and give all completed forms to Alison Lowe, the Chair. Alison and another Board member will choose the two forms with the best answers. Visitors chose this fair way of selecting, as Alison will not know who people are whose forms she is reading.

Please either ask a member of staff or email for an application form. Please let a member of staff know if you would like help filling in the form.