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Humans were never meant to be subjected to colour codes

An attendee of the Sisterhood group, for BAME women, wrote this.




I feel this fire,

I feel this fury,

I feel this fabricated freedom of my ancestors resurrecting in my bones and I

Shut it up.

Because I know, that if any of the lies I’ve been constantly fed accidentally turn out to be true then one day, I will meet them,

And they will confess to me, that our sole inheritance was “love sprinkled” – family coated brokenness.

That you only brand ethnicities what you desire to brand them,

That identity is what You put on.


That the idea of race is divisive.

Humans were never meant to be subjected to colour codes.


That black doesn’t mean dark, ugly, evil, backward, demonic or less human.

That we are distinct and what makes life so beautiful, colourful and worth celebrating. Proof that the creator meant for us to be spoilt for choice.


They will tell me, that I was never meant to inherit anything, because I was born with everything and that they hope I have sight enough to see that.