"It has made me feel wanted. I can talk to someone who listens. I leave feeling warm, rather than with a cold heart as if I’ve got nowhere."
Leeds Survivor-led Crisis Services Online Support System

Group Work

Message from Patrick, Senior Group Worker

At the ‘Dial House’ crisis service, valuable peer support happens between visitors. The idea of the daytime groups was to bring people together to share their expertise and experience in coping with crisis. This idea came from visitors themselves and they have been supported to develop their skills to the point where they now plan and facilitate the groups, with only minimal support from a group support worker. Group workers are supervised by Patrick, who also co-ordinates all group work at Dial House. He can be contacted by calling 0113 260 9328 or by email on patrick.gatewood@lslcs.org.uk 

All new visitors to group work must arrange a meeting with Patrick before they can attend groups – please don’t just turn up if you’ve never been before. We have this procedure to keep our group members and staff safe and to ensure our groups are of maximum benefit to all who attend.

We can provide a package of training around supporting people who hear voices and see things that other people can’t see. Our training package was developed and will be delivered by people with lived experience of hearing voices and seeing things that others do not. For more information please contact Patrick.

We also have volunteering opportunities for group work. If you are interested, please contact Patrick (details above), who will arrange to meet with you to talk about process of becoming involved – alternatively you can fill out our group work volunteer application form and email it to patrick.gatewood@lslcs.org.uk

Details and times of our group work:

  • The Tuesday Project, Tuesdays 12-3pm, supported by Mark and Halima

A social and support group for Deaf people, facilitated by Deaf Staff. If you would like to come along text 07922 249452 or email survivor.led@lslcs.org.uk or contact us on Skype: survivor.led

  • Creativity Group, Wednesdays 12-3pm, led by Lindy

This group aims to explore ways to use creativity as a coping skill. Its is a relaxing and safe place for everyone. You can just watch if you do not wish to participate. Materials will be provided for you.

  • My Time Social Group, Thursdays 12-3pm

Crisis can be an incredibly lonely and isolating time, at this group you can learn or improve the skills needed for socialising and building positive relationships with people. We cook a meal together and everyone contributes to the running of the group, you can contribute as much or as little as you feel able to. As we are cooking together, we ask people not to bring their own food to the group; we can cater for any dietary requirements. We ask for a £1 donation towards food, but no one will be turned away if they’re not able to donate.


  • LGBT Group, Fridays 11-2pm,  supported by Sole

LGBT Group; Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender. This group is for anyone from the LGBT community who is dealing with mental health difficulties and struggling to find support or feel listened to and understood. This group is a safe supportive space where you can be with other people who have lived experiences of LGBT issues; you can share your thoughts and feelings and discuss coping strategies.


  • Trans Support Group, Fridays 2-4pm, supported by Sole

This is a support group for people who are transgender and facing the difficulties and issues associated with this experience. We offer a therapeutic, relaxed, non-judgemental space where you can discuss the difficulties that you are facing and explore coping strategies. This group is a peer led group so everyone who attends has lived experience of transgender issues, however the group may be overseen by a staff member who doesn’t.


  • Coping With Crisis Group, Saturdays 12-3pm

Crisis can be an extremely difficult time, it can be life changing and feel overwhelming. It can also be complex and exhausting; emotionally, physically and mentally. This group offers a space for people to be together and share their individual experiences of crisis, feel listened to and have the opportunities to learn coping skills. This support group is facilitated by people with both lived and professional experience of self-harm and we can offer group support to people who are using self-harm as a coping mechanism


  •  Hearing Voices at Touchstone Support Centre, Saturdays 4-7pm, supported by Patrick

Hearing voices support group is a space where you can explore your unique experiences of voices and things you see or sense that other people don’t. We believe that we are all experts in our own experiences and we value and respect diversity.  If you are interested in attending this group please speak to a member of staff  or contact us on Patrick.gatewood@lslcs.org.uk