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Creativity Group

Creativity group

This group is a space for people who want to explore creativity as a coping skill.  It is a social group where we spend some time together working on something creative in a relaxing environment.  Some examples of activities include: painting, baking, tea light holder decorating, candle making.  It is a safe space where people don’t have to participate in the activity if they would rather just watch.  We also have other materials available for colouring and drawing if visitors would rather participate that way instead of the chosen activity.  All materials will be provided so you don’t need to bring anything with you.  A donation of creative materials or money towards material costs would be very welcome but isn’t compulsory.

The group is facilitated by Lucy and Anne and takes place on Wednesday afternoons from 1-4pm.

Before attending groups for the first time, please contact Patrick on 0113 260 9328 or at who will arrange a quick meeting with you before your first group.