CONNECT HELPLINE: 0808 800 1212
DH@Touchstone: 0113 249 4675
DIAL HOUSE: 0113 260 9328
BSL icon - British Sign Language

Deaf Connect

Deaf Connect Helpline – Support for Deaf People Using BSL

Background is yellow, black and white, looking like puzzle pieces connecting the information. Text reads: Deaf Connect, For deaf and hard of hearing people living in West Yorkshire. 1 Want to talk to someone? 2 Do you feel like you want emotional support? 3 Deaf Connect is here to ‘listen’ 4 We are open Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays 7pm to 11pm 5 Text us on 07984396001 to book a time

We have funding from the Tudor Trust to make the Connect Helpline accessible to Deaf people using BSL.

This is available every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday evening from 7 to 11pm

Text or FaceTime: 07984396001

For any further queries, send an email to:

*New video below to explain it via sign language to come soon.*

If you have an emergency

If you need to contact 999, it is accessible to Deaf people here:

If you need to contact 111, it is accessible to Deaf people here: