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Connect – Terms & Conditions

Connect – Terms and Conditions
LSLCS Privacy Statement for Visitors and Callers

As part of working with you we will keep a record of some personal information about you. Chat logs are stored for 3 years, at which point they are deleted.

We will keep your personal information secure so that the only people who can access it are LSLCS staff members, or volunteers, who need access to it to carry out their jobs.

We may share your personal information if this is necessary to protect you or another person. For example, if your life or someone else’s is at risk; or if there is risk of harm to a child or vulnerable adult.

You have a right to see the personal information we hold on you (except in very unusual circumstances, e.g. it would break someone else’s confidentiality), and to ensure that it is accurate, or request that we get rid of our record of you.

If you have any questions about any of this, you can contact our Data Protection Officer, Scott Courts, via telephone on 0113 260 9328, by email on or by mail at the Dial House address above. Or you can talk to any team member who will contact Emma on your behalf.

If you have any complaints or issue with our treatment of your personal data, you may lodge a complaint with the Information Commissioner’s Office

For more detail on this please see our Data Protection Policy, Record Keeping Policy and Privacy Statements here or ask any team member to see any of the policies.