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Rainbow of Promise

Rainbow of Promise is Elizabeth’s second collection of poems, following the aftermath of speaking out about her experience of familial sexual abuse in her first poetry book. It links past trauma with present difficulties, finding ways to overcome the resulting anxiety, mental health issues and intrusive memories when dealing with her everyday life, that can often feel overwhelming for many survivors. Rainbow of Promise has been written to encourage others embarking on their journey, to help give them the strength to find their own value, self-worth, and hope for a brighter future.

Elizabeth has very kindly shared one of her poems with us here. If you’re interested in buying her new poetry book, the links are below.



The Untamed Lioness

Should the threat of an unknown roar cause panic amongst the flock,

With a new sound emerging from a tamed lioness?

Defiant or bold?

Challenging or brave?

Is validation required to prove their mighty worth, or does the

presence of a courageous soul carry enough weight to warrant

eternal sleep for disparaging minds?

To mock without thought or to question with kindness?

Do not fear what is often misunderstood.

Listen softly, catch the thought as it floats on by. 

It is not a careless whisper in the breeze, but one of clarity. 

The road beyond needs no witness but is there to experience 

in the glory of an undiscovered horizon.

Without judgement, without doubt.

No longer hide in the darkness of night, but let the heart soar with 

the strength of the wind.

The once tamed lioness

Wild or beautiful?

Now untamed and free

© Written by Elizabeth Shane (CSA Survivor – Author of Rainbow of Promise)