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Message from Barry

A few weeks ago I posted a very “busy” blog aimed at keeping visitors and callers to Dial House in touch with recent developments. It’s been a strange year as we all know, and I’ve personally been very anxious about delivering the best service we could, despite COVID-19 restrictions. That anxiety came out in my... Read More

An apology

Regarding the recent blog post about the Dial House news, Acting CEO Richard barber has issued the following apology on behalf of the organisation.   We recently put up a blog post about how our Dial House service is operating during the current coronavirus pandemic. This wasn’t checked in our usual way and contained quite... Read More

Black History Month 2020

It’s Black History Month everybody! A member of the Dial House @Touchstone team has written their thoughts on the service offered amidst the backdrop of the 2020 world.   Endless late nights, long hours; much more than a job this is about a deep desire to see good quality support offered to people so often... Read More

The effect of Covid-19 as a survivor.

Survivor and activist and supporter/former user of LSLCS services, Sally-Ann believes in non-medicalising trauma. She has written about her experiences on dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic as a survivor of abuse. CW: Discussion of abuse, abusers, sexual abuse, trauma, Covid-19 pandemic.         Living under rules, conditions and restrictions again is hard for... Read More

I’m calling for you to care

Naomi is a final year advertising and marketing student and has been a part of the Sisterhood group (for BAME women) for over six months. She has written about holding men accountable, specifically calling on black men in the context of the fight for racial equality and the lack of reciprocity.   CW: Discussion of racism,... Read More

Embracing differences and challenging issues

Shayam is a support worker in Dial House @Touchstone, our BAME service, as well as co-facilitating a BAME women’s group. She reflects on the issues within the BAME community and the deep impacts of racism.   I joined our “radical and innovative” service (as we have been described) in 2004, having worked in all parts... Read More

Dial House mobile number is working

Hi all, I’m pleased to say it was an easy fix to get the mobile number up and running again so you can text 07922 249 452 from 6pm tonight if you need support. In the meantime, take a peek at the Dial House garden, a little overgrown but very relaxing none the less! from... Read More