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From Silence to Singing

Elizabeth Shane writes about her journey, as a survivor of abuse, to being able to express herself through creative outlets, through to getting a book of poetry published so she can hopefully help others to feel less alone with their struggles and their pain. CW: discussions/mentions of childhood sexual abuse   For so long I... Read More

Colonial Contradictions

Muhammed has written about Britain’s colonial legacy with regards to LGBT+ discrimination. This was originally written for LGBT+ History Month as a reflection of LGBT+ History and the issues that we still face in the world today. This blog post draws from my research, personal experiences and interests from both my undergraduate and master’s, where... Read More

Stress Stalks Unseen: Stress Awareness Month

By Tom Dent-Spargo, Comms Worker and Connect Helpline Worker. It’s Stress Awareness Month so I thought I’d share my own recent experience with that particular fiend. It can strike us all, from such varying factors; mine came from a menagerie of sources in my personal life and I had to take action when it threatened... Read More

My Year of Isolation

One of our visitors Anne has reflected on the difficulties she’s faced this past year, particularly how she has struggled with accessing support remotely.   When I’m in the same room as someone face-to-face I feel relaxed and safe and I feel more like the sort of person I used to feel like before the... Read More

Shaped By Experience: International Women’s Day

Dial House @Touchstone and Group Support Worker Shayam shares some reflections on a formative family member this International Women’s Day.     For International Women’s Day I would like to pay tribute to my grandmother, Zakiya El Reidy, born December 12th 1918 in Egypt. I only have a couple memories of my grandmother, but I... Read More

Being Authentic – LGBT+ History Month

  By Tom Dent-Spargo, Comms Worker and Helpline Support Worker.   I feel like I’ve come into my authentic self at last. Being authentic to yourself to me seems to beat at the heart of the person-centred approach. Working here as a support worker on Connect as well as in the comms role has made... Read More

Safe Haven, our new 24/7 service

Safe Haven is an exciting new development for Leeds Survivor Led Crisis Service and Touchstone as the first of our crisis services to be open 24 / 7. Unlike LSLCS’ other services (which are all self-referral), Safe Haven will be accessed via Leeds NHS Crisis Resolution and Intensive Support Service, and the Older People’s Support... Read More