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A statement on recent racist abuse

From Operations director Richard Barber. At LSLCS we are becoming aware of what feels like an increase in racism towards our staff team. Over the years, it’s felt that some visitors and callers to our services deliberately avoid having support with workers from minority ethnic groups; however, this issue now feels even more problematic as... Read More

PD or Not PD? Notes on our partnership

Ops director Richard talks about our partnership with the Leeds PD Network, providing some clarity and addressing the conflict between our anti-PD and survivor-led ethos, and a service that has a label we disagree with in its very name. It’s a topic that can bring up a lot of difficult feelings and we want to... Read More

From Silence to Singing

Elizabeth Shane writes about her journey, as a survivor of abuse, to being able to express herself through creative outlets, through to getting a book of poetry published so she can hopefully help others to feel less alone with their struggles and their pain. CW: discussions/mentions of childhood sexual abuse   For so long I... Read More

Colonial Contradictions

Muhammed has written about Britain’s colonial legacy with regards to LGBT+ discrimination. This was originally written for LGBT+ History Month as a reflection of LGBT+ History and the issues that we still face in the world today. This blog post draws from my research, personal experiences and interests from both my undergraduate and master’s, where... Read More

Stress Stalks Unseen: Stress Awareness Month

By Tom Dent-Spargo, Comms Worker and Connect Helpline Worker. It’s Stress Awareness Month so I thought I’d share my own recent experience with that particular fiend. It can strike us all, from such varying factors; mine came from a menagerie of sources in my personal life and I had to take action when it threatened... Read More

My Year of Isolation

One of our visitors Anne has reflected on the difficulties she’s faced this past year, particularly how she has struggled with accessing support remotely.   When I’m in the same room as someone face-to-face I feel relaxed and safe and I feel more like the sort of person I used to feel like before the... Read More