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Connect – Volunteer application form

Connect - Volunteer application form

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    Please provide us with the details of two people who can give you a character reference. These referees should not be a relative. Please name two people who have known you for at least two years

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    About You

    Please tell us what interests you particularly about volunteering at Leeds Survivor-Led Crisis Service?

    We work with callers in a trauma-informed way which means working creatively to build up trust with callers who may communicate in many different ways with us to express their crisis. Tell us what personal qualities or experience you would be bringing to the role to build these relationships with callers.

    We offer a very supportive and rewarding volunteering experience. In return, we are seeking volunteers who are willing to offer their time and also to work on their practice and take on board any feedback offered. How do you feel about receiving feedback on your work, and can you tell us about a time you have taken on board some challenging feedback?

    Please give details below of any convictions for Criminal Offences including spent convictions under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974. We are not able to accept people who have Schedule 1 offences. All volunteers are required to complete a Criminal Records Check before volunteering can take place.

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