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COVID Volunteers Debrief Service

Community Care Volunteers’ (COVID-19) Debrief Service

The service is open daily providing a listening-ear for frontline COVID-19 volunteers in Leeds since June 2020.

LSLCS is proud to provide a debrief service to front line volunteers in Leeds.

See the “Doing Good Leeds” article here

Who is it for?

  • You the need to talk about your experiences of fetching shopping or medication for housebound people or those self-isolating.
  • Perhaps you have no-one else to share these stories with, or maybe you are even feeling like things are starting to weigh you down.
  • Maybe you just want to talk to someone about all the great work you’ve been doing!

This service is for you speak to someone else about your volunteering experience in order for you to feel better. This is why we are here. Our service is staffed by trained and supervised volunteers, many of whom are qualified and practising counsellors – so we’re used to talking to people and understand that often you just need a good rant.

If you have counselling / support experience and would like to be part of the volunteer debrief team, please contact Barry Cooper, Dial House Manager: