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Behind the Mask

Elizabeth Shane has written a new poetry book and has kindly contributed the poem Truth Seeker for the LSLCS blog. Elizabeth uses poetry as a way of communicating her lived experience and confronting these difficult topics. I am actively raising awareness of the impact of child sexual abuse into adulthood through my new poetry book... Read More

International Women’s Day 2023: Sisterhood

Today is International Women’s Day, and the Sisterhood group for women and non-binary folk from marginalised backgrounds have contributed a poem to mark the event.   Sisterhood is love, food and laughter, Women supporting women and not bringing each other down, Smile empower each other with positive support. 😊 We have to make assessments but not... Read More

Strength from community

By Lulu – Comms Worker and LGBT+ and Trans & Non-binary Group Worker. CW: discussion of homophobia, transphobia and violence   It’s been a tough time to be LGBT+ lately. There is a general backdrop of a rise in homophobia and transphobia these past few years, the FIFA men’s world cup is currently taking place in... Read More

Engagement in the Community

Community is so important in overcoming and removing barriers in life. At LSLCS we strive to improve community engagement with services like Dial House at Touchstone and our groups that have a specific focus like the LGBT+ group and the Deaf group. Having shared voices reduces that sense of loneliness or isolation, builds better links... Read More

Rainbow of Promise

Rainbow of Promise is Elizabeth’s second collection of poems, following the aftermath of speaking out about her experience of familial sexual abuse in her first poetry book. It links past trauma with present difficulties, finding ways to overcome the resulting anxiety, mental health issues and intrusive memories when dealing with her everyday life, that can... Read More

The impact of self-neglect

Anne has written about her struggles with self-neglect, how that has impacted on her life, and where this obstacle comes from.   CW: Discussion of abuse and trauma.     The impact of self-neglect. Hi my name is Anne. I’ve got complex post-traumatic stress disorder, generalised anxiety disorder, and depression. I struggle with dissociation, flashbacks,... Read More

Dial House @Touchstone Service Update 29/10/21

Dial House @Touchstone is back open for face-to-face support! It’s been a long road to get to this point and we’re really pleased that we’re able to offer this agai on Tuesdays and Thursdays, though in a limited capacity due to Covid restrictions and our risk assessments. Limited number of one-to-one supports, but socials offered... Read More

For All Those Times

Elizabeth Shane wrote on the LSLCS blog earlier this year about poetry being her creative outlet to help express herself as a survivor, to help process and to bring it out to the world in her book of poetry to help others feel less alone. We’re privileged that say that she’s shared a poem with... Read More