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  • In 2012 Leeds Survivor Led Crisis Service commissioned this report looking at the experiences of people who frequently present to its Dial House service and A&E for self harm.  This important, eloquent and moving qualitative report was written by Judy Beckett on behalf of LSLCS: Self Harm Evaluation Project 2012
  • Our Report of The Year 2011, detailing information about the work we did from January to December 2011: Report of the Year 2011
  • In 2011-2012 we undertook a Social Return on Investment (SROI) analysis.  The results are here: LSLCS – A Social Return on Investment Analysis

We have written chapters published in books on mental health practice and philosophy.

  • Noad, M. and Butlin, H. 2013.  Embracing the self, holding the hurt: Self-harm in a survivor led service.  In: Baker, C., Shaw. C. and Filey, F.  Eds. Our Encounters with Self-Harm. Monnmouth, PCCS Books Link to publisher’s website
  • Venner, F. and Noad, M. 2013.  Beacon of Hope.  In: Coles, S., Keenan, S., Diamond, B.  Eds. Madness Contested; Power and Practice.  Monmouth: PCCS Books Link to publisher’s website

We have had several newspaper and journal articles written about us over the years.